Thursday, April 12, 2007


yes, it is raining at last... and this is the first rain in Bangalore this year... the mercury was going high and high day by day... load shedding was competing with the summer... so hot and no power, made perfect blending ... it just became intolerable for all of us... i'm here in bangalore for last three summers... i'm seeing an increasing trend of global warming every year... it was said that the best thing about bangalore is its weather... for last few years, the weather had changed drastically... it is no longer a paradise for the weather lovers... when everybody were fade up by heat waves day after day, suddenly rain came in its way... it made everything cool for the time being, for the time being we were feeling relaxed ... uff, what a relief...


Dipesh K Dey said...


where did u get to see this view from b'lore! good find!